17 years of excellence in gas analysis

After 17 years of establishment, Cambridge Sensotec is proud to have manufactured thousands of gas analysers for our customers worldwide.

Providing specialised gas analysis solutions to many prestigious academic and research institutes, the company has an established global distribution network and ISO 9001 accreditation.

Available in bench, portable and rack-mountable configurations with a multitude of sensor options, measurable gases include; O2, CO2, CO, H2, Cl2, N2O, H2O, CH4, Cl, NO, C2H4, SO2, CH4, O3, NH3, SF6 and H2S.

Initially specialising in oxygen analysis, Cambridge Sensotec has since diversified and extended its product range into other gas analysis markets including SF6 gas testing equipment. The company’s Rapidox SF6 gas analyser range is designed for many applications including the testing of high voltage gas insulated electrical equipment, medical monitoring, process gas analysis and SF6 gas purity tests.

To see our practices in work, view our video below.

Cambridge Sensotec also offers a range of Rapidox servicing in the UK and throughout the World with a network of agents and distributors. A full-service program is available using state-of-the-art automated calibration stations with certified and traceable calibration gases; all designed to calibrate your Rapidox gas analysers accurately and efficiently.

Gas detection equipment can be purchased through our shop for applications such as; confined spaces, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, diving, medical and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). A comprehensive fixed gas detection installation and commissioning service is available for Oldham and Status Scientific instruments. This service includes national coverage, consultation, maintenance and calibration schedules.

The acquisition of Dynascan in 2014 has also provided us with the ability to deliver innovative leak detection system for those within the pharmaceutical, medical devices and food manufacturing industries.

For more information on our services, please email sales@cambridge-sensotec.co.uk or call +44 (0)1480 462142.

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