Software Updates

If you aren’t familiar by now, the Rapidox SF6 range of analysers are exceptionally accurate and highly versatile. Each version available – whether it be the Portable, the Pump BackBench or the Fixed Detection System – possess the technology to assure the user of reliable results when measuring Sulfur Hexafluoride.

We make updates regularly to the analysers to stay on top in our field. The following software tweaks and improvements are from the latest round of updates, which we hope will improve user experience and continue the long tradition of quality that Cambridge Sensotec provide.

•  Advanced Sampling Operation – Reducing test and sampling times remains a priority for Cambridge Sensotec, and thankfully for its loyal customers, we have strived to make this happen. Test times have been reduced, allowing the user to vary between 2 and 8 minutes under the stipulation that tests under 6 minutes will disable the dewpoint sensor test. In other words, variable sample times are now available offering more flexibility than ever.

• Sensor Lifetimes & Calibrations – Thanks to the integrated smart sensor technology, the analyser can now determine when it is due a calibration or sensor replacement. Essentially, it’s letting the user know it’s ready for a ‘servicing’, just like you would have on a car. Advisory messages will be displayed on screen within one month of the anniversary, helping the user get the best analyser it can be, always.

• Power Saving Mode – Cambridge Sensotec are continually making strides in being more environmentally friendly. The latest round of updates has included an enhanced automatic shutdown feature, which effectively shuts down the analyser when in an idle state. Not only does this intelligent power management reduce power output, it also saves any work in progress on the analyser before shutting down.

More updates and slight improvements have been made, with most of these benefiting our distributing partners. The above is just a sample of what the ever growing and successful Rapidox SF6 range is capable of.

If you are interested in learning more about SF6, the range of products, or would like to discuss your requirements with a member of our sales team please contact us.

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