R6100 Bench

Troubleshooting: R6100 Bench

There are fuses located on the power socket on both live and neutral lines. These are standard 20mm 2A fuses available from a supplier such as RS Components.

It is most likely a calibration issue. Check to make sure which two calibration gases are selected. Are they the same as the actual gases you used to perform the calibration? If not you can change their values using the software.

Measuring moisture in gas is a slow process because the sensor surface has to dry out in the measurement gas to give a correct reading. All the pipes and tubing collect moisture and therefore the measurement is notoriously slow. Please bear this in mind when taking dewpoint readings.

Return the box to the factory defaults using the communications software, by selecting ‘Default Configuration’ followed by ‘Write Configuration to Analyser’ from the File menu. Now try re-calibrating the Rapidox. Alternatively use menu option 7 on the keypad.

The date, time and other features are user-programmable via the configuration software. Make sure that they are correct on the PC you are using before attempting to reprogram the Rapidox.

Make sure that you are using the correct cable, as supplied (pin 2 to pin 2 etc). A crossed RS232 cable (pin 2 to pin 3 etc.,) will not work. Make sure that your COM ports are recognised by your computer. Check in your Windows device manager to see if there are any conflicts. If you have an internal modem fixed to your PC you may experience difficulties using this software. Contact Cambridge Sensotec for further advice.

Only select ‘Write to the Analyser’ once all the values are correctly entered in the boxes on the right. The best procedure is to ‘Read Analyser Configuration’ and then press ‘Copy’ so the values in the boxes are the same as those stored in the Rapidox memory. You can then edit these values and then select ‘Write to the Analyser’ when finished.

Select ‘Load Configuration File’ from the File menu and look for the rxc file on your memory stick. Select this file and then select ‘Write to the Analyser’. This will load the factory calibration back into the Rapidox. Alternatively you can load a standard default configuration any time using the ‘Load Default’ option on the File menu. This configuration will not be perfect for your analyser but will be good enough to get you started again.

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