R6100 Portable

Troubleshooting: R6100 Portable

The infra-red SF6 sensor needs a bit of extra time to warm up before it can give readings. The Rapidox waits for an internal signal coming from the sensor to say it is ready before displaying readings. This should take around sixty seconds to complete. If the “Wait” message does not clear please contact us for advice.

The Rapidox is fitted with a new H2O sensor that self cleans every time the analyser is switched on. The self-cleaning guarantees that the dewpoint readings remain accurate. This cleaning takes approx. three minutes to complete

The dewpoint sensor runs a self-clean operation every thirty minutes so if you operate the equipment in continuous mode every thirty minutes you will see the message “Wait”. The cleaning takes three minutes and during this time the alarms and other functions are disabled.

This message displays if the reading goes above 102% or below 0%. This is usually caused by a bad calibration or if the gas is being forced into the analyser under excessive pressure. Make sure that the back pressure on the gas outlet is not excessive (eg your gas recovery bag is full). Try recalibrating the sensor in question once more, making sure that a sensible flow and pressure are being used. If all else fails try restoring the analyser back to factory setting (see 8.7 for details). Contact Cambridge Sensotec if the message refuses to clear.

Please contact Cambridge Sensotec for further advice.

If the battery is flat then please connect the mains IEC cable and leave the unit to charge for five to six hours. Note that you can use the analyser whilst it is charging. The red LED should change to orange (almost fully charged) to green (fully charged).

Please check that the fuse located on the side is fitted and is not blown. This fuse is a 3.15A / 3150mA 20mm anti surge fuse readily available from electronics suppliers. The rating of the fuse is given in Table 1 and clearly marked on the artwork of the analyser alongside the socket

Check that the calibration gas value on the bottle matches the value you have programmed into the Rapidox. If they are different then the Rapidox will get a signal it is not expecting and try to warn you with this message. Check that you are not trying to calibrate the sensor ‘backwards’ by applying span gas when you are setting the zero point.

Return the box to the factory defaults using the instructions given in section 8.7 and try again.

This analyser is fitted with a state-of-the-art pump which is designed to last many years. It does not have a normal diaphragm so there are no wear parts. In some gases such as pure SF6 the pitch of the pump can change tune because of the density of the gas changing. It is nothing to be concerned about.

No if you are feeding gas to the analyser under pressure (e.g. from a gas bottle) then you can and indeed should switch the pump off. The gas will flow under pressure through the pump even when it is off. The pump should only be used if the gas pressure is below 0.5bar

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