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New Rapidox 3100-C IR SF6 Gas Analyser

Cambridge Sensotec is proud to announce the release of its new Rapidox 3100-C IR SF6 gas analyser. Fitted with an Infra-Red SF6 gas sensor this new instrument allows the user improved accuracy, stability and response time when measuring SF6. Regular checking of SF6 Gas Insulated Substations also allows the user to run fault preventative maintenance programmes that can increase the life cycle of SF6 gas.

In addition to measuring SF6, the Rapidox 3100-C IR SF6 gas analyser also monitors SO2 (0-100ppm) and H2O (-100 to+20°Cdp). Evaluating the moisture content of SF6 is essential when monitoring the dielectric strength of the gas. SO2 measurements are vital as the decomposition products of SF6 can be identified by analysing the SO2 content of the gas, which is a product of the breakdown of SOF2 and SOF4 after an electrical discharge.

All three gases are monitored simultaneously and the bespoke software supplied with each Rapidox unit provides continuous data logging.  The new Rapidox 3100-C SF6 IR gas analyser also includes internal data logging at a rate set by the user for later downloading to a PC. The unit will retain the internally logged data even when powered down.

The Rapidox is fitted with a gas output nozzle that allows all sampled gas to be recovered and recycled, ensuring that no SF6 gas is released into the atmosphere in accordance with the Kyoto treaty. The gas analyser can be supplied as a bench mounted instrument or as a full kit in a transport Peli case, with a range of DILO compatible sampling hoses, couplings and a thermal printer.