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Cambridge Sensotec Introduce First SF6 Single Gas Analyser Using IR Technology

In response to increasing customer demand for a more cost-effective product, we are proud to announce the Rapidox 3100C SF6 single gas analyser. This mains powered analyser will measure SF6 gas over the full range (0-100%) using an infra-red SF6 sensor, which offers exceptional accuracy and stability when measuring purity.
Users can monitor the SF6 gas, with all analysis data-logged internally at a rate set by the user. This data is then available for download to a PC for analysis. It takes only a few minutes to achieve a stable reading, and as the internally logged data is retained when the analyser is switched off, the recorded data does not need to be downloaded immediately.

The Rapidox 3100C IR SF6 single gas analyser is fitted with a gas output nozzle that allows all sampled gas to be removed and recycled in accordance with the Kyoto treaty. It can be supplied as a bench style instrument or as a portable kit housed in a hard-wearing case, which includes DILO compatible sampling hoses, couplings and a printer. An SF6 Gas Recovery Bag is also available at a low cost, to ensure that no gas is lost or leaked into the atmosphere.